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Root Canals

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Root canals are one of my favorite things to do. All of the patients are like, 'I can't believe that's your favorite thing to do!' What I say is, 'That should be good for my patient because I like to do it often.' How root canals have changed is people are under the stipulation that you are in pain when you're getting a root canal, and the number one thing that I want to encourage my patients is that if you feel anything during the root canal procedure, I want to know about it because I don't want you to feel anything. Having proper anesthesia on board is the number one thing that I do before we start a root canal, making sure the patient is good and numb.

The other changes that have occurred with root canals is the system has changed. Now we use a rotary system instead of the old, slow, hand filing system. The rotary system not only allows us to be faster at the root canals but it allows the root canals to be more efficient so that's further chance of failure in the future.

Root canals have come a really long way. It's proper anesthesia on board and using the proper, latest and greatest technology really has made it going from a very slow procedure to something that is very fast. Just did one this morning. The patient came in at 9:30 and was out the door by 10:30. Sometimes it takes longer than that. It kind of depends on how difficult the root canal is, but I think patients should not be as fearful as the word root canal kind of makes you feel sometimes.

The term “root canal” can be very intimidating for some people. However, in reality, they are not scary at all! Root canal procedures are about as routine as any other dental procedure these days! They do cause pain; in fact, they are designed to eliminate pain! If you have been avoiding dental care because you think you may need a root canal, please reconsider. Get the care you need right away … we promise that we can help you stay comfortable in our Kansas City, MO dentist office.

Below we have provided some information on root canals, the procedure itself, and how it can help you. Please feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have.

When a Root Canal is Necessary

Root canals are needed when the dental pulp inside a tooth becomes infected. This infection is brought on by a buildup of bacteria in the area. Root canals are designed to eradicate the infection, restore the health of the tooth, and restore comfort. You may need a root canal if you are experiencing:

  • pain when chewing
  • swollen gums near the infected tooth
  • a small, pimple-like bump on the gum near the tooth

Please contact our team if you have any of these symptoms as you may be suffering from a dental infection.

The Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure itself is actually pretty simple thanks to modern technology. At our office, it’s all automated and can be done in one visit! We simply access the interior of the tooth and remove the infected dental pulp and connecting nerves. This effectively removes the tooth’s ability to feel pain. Then, we fill the empty cavity and seal it from further infection. After that, we simply cap the tooth with a crown to restore the structural integrity. And that’s it! You will then be good to return to your normal, pain-free life.

Root Canal Pain

Many people are under the impression that root canals hurt. Root canals, like many other dental procedures, may cause discomfort … IF they were done without anesthesia! However, our team uses a local anesthetic in addition to dental sedation, if necessary, to provide comfortable, pain-free root canal therapy. This procedure really is designed to relieve your pain, not cause it! Thanks to modern technology and our skilled dentists, root canal therapy is a routine, painless procedure accessible to anyone in need.

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