Avoid Naughty Tooth Pain For A Nice Holiday Smile [BLOG]

  • December 22, 2017

Avoid Naughty Tooth Pain For A Nice Holiday Smile [BLOG]

Dental pain is a real humbug, especially during the holiday season. A toothache is the kind of pain you can’t, and shouldn’t, ignore. Anything that’s behind your discomfort will only get worse if you don’t get it checked out by one of our professionals at Dental Care Center of South Kansas City.

Not only is it a sign that your oral health may be at risk, but pain can be coming from damage that make your teeth look bad. You shouldn’t have to deal with either on any day of the year!

Enjoy the holiday season to the fullest by making sure all your teeth are working properly, and schedule an appointment for restorative dentistry!

Toothaches Always Make The Naughty List!

If there’s one dental problem that will always make the naughty list, it’s a toothache. There can be a variety of possible causes for your pain and discomfort, but almost all of them can be treated with restorative dentistry.

Here are some examples of the types of dental pain you might encounter and how our team can help!

*Pain From A Naughty Restoration

If an old filling or dental crown is giving you fits, it might be time for repair or a replacement. That’s why there’s restorative dentistry.

With treatment in our Kansas City dental office, we can see if an old restoration is salvageable or not. It might be loose, broken, or perhaps it’s already fallen out. We can make the necessary repairs to get you out of pain fast!

*Pain From Poor Gum Health

Gum disease can sneak up on you slowly over time. By the time you notice any symptoms, it could already be in the advanced stage.

One of those symptoms is sore, tender gums. You might also notice redness or swelling. But the most obvious sign is bleeding gums. It’s not normal for your gums to bleed, even from brushing or flossing your teeth.

If you notice blood when you brush or floss, it’s not necessarily a dental emergency, but it is a sign that something’s wrong. You should call our Kansas City dental office as soon as you can so we can help treat gum disease and preserve your oral health and your smile.

*Pain From Damage Or Injury

Dental emergencies can quickly turn your holiday plans upside down. But you can take steps to keep that from happening.

If you have a damaged tooth, whether it’s broken, chipped, or cracked, it can be painful. But on top of that, a damaged tooth is also weak and vulnerable. Biting down on something the wrong way can be the final straw for an already weak tooth, resulting in a dental emergency.

By repairing damaged teeth with options like dental veneers or dental crowns, you can avoid a dental disaster that may threaten your holiday season!

*Pain From Infection Or Decay

We sometimes have patients who are caught off guard when a routine exam reveals a cavity. That’s because a decayed tooth doesn’t always hurt. Even then, decay can make chewing uncomfortable because food can get stuck in the hole it creates in your tooth.

An infected tooth doesn’t always bring pain with it either, but when it does, look out! If the inside of your tooth is infected, the pain can be quite intense. In fact, some people describe it as a throbbing, sharp pain.

Restorative dentistry can stop the pain and make eating enjoyable again. Whether you need to fill a cavity or clear away infection, our team will get to the root cause of your discomfort and fix the problem effectively.

Make An Appointment Today!

You’ve made your list, checked it twice, and now you know how to turn naughty teeth nice! You can make an appointment for restorative treatment at Dental Care Center of South Kansas City.

We’ve made it clear that the holidays are no time to feel miserable and uncomfortable. Your teeth need to be working for you so that you can look and feel your best.

That means eating delicious holiday foods you love without pain and discomfort and smiling for photos without stress.

‘Tis the season to enjoy the delights of the holiday pain-free! Call us today at 816-399-5539 or use our online form to schedule an appointment for restorative dentistry.

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