Custom vs. Stock: Why Our Mouthguards Are Safer

  • December 16, 2016

Custom vs. Stock: Why Our Mouthguards Are Safer

You need to stay active, but you also need to stay safe. That’s why you need to call our Kansas City, MO dental office today at 816-399-5539 to schedule your appointment for a custom mouthguard. Your teeth are in danger when you play, but with our Kansas City dentist’s skills and experience, you can protect your smile with a custom mouthguard.

How Injuries Can Ruin Your Smile

Sports injuries can be minor, but they can also be severe. That’s why many leagues are requiring athletic mouthguards just to be eligible to play. How can sports injuries affect your teeth?

  • Falling off your bike onto hard ground
  • Getting hit by a foul ball
  • Getting tackled or hit hard
  • Tripping over someone on the court

These can lead to problems like chipped teeth, cracked teeth, bleeding, and even lost teeth. All of those can be very painful and take restorative dentistry treatments like dental crowns or dental implants to fix.

That’s why it’s important to call us today and schedule your appointment. A custom-fitted athletic mouthguard from our highly trained dentists will help prevent these injuries and the damage to your teeth they cause.

Why Mouthguards Are Needed

Here are three specific reasons why you need to call us for a custom mouthguard.

– Mouthguards protect your teeth and dental work.

In the end, this is the most important reason. Sports injuries can seriously damage your teeth, even knocking them out. They can even damage dental work like dental implants or dental bridges. A mouthguard can protect teeth and dental work from those injures.

– You never know when an injury might happen.

With a seatbelt, you almost never need it. That’s because car accidents are rare. But you wear it all the time because you never know when an accident will happen. The same is true for wearing a mouthguard. You never know when that stray ball or hard fall will happen. You need to be prepared so you can be safer.

– Mouthguards are often required by schools and leagues.

Mouthguards do a great job at protecting your teeth. Plus, dental work needed to repair teeth damaged by injuries can be expensive. That’s why many schools and sports leagues are requiring participants to wear mouthguards. They want to limit their liability, but they also want to protect their athletes.

How Our Custom Mouthguards Are Safer

You can buy a stock, one-size-fits-all mouthguard in many sporting goods stores. However, these simply do not work as well as a customized mouthguard from our Kansas City, MO dental office.

– Stock mouthguards can be uncomfortable because they don’t fit well.

If you’ve ever tried wearing something claiming to be “one-size-fits-all,” you know how they often don’t fit. That’s exactly the problem with stock mouthguards. They can easily feel uncomfortable in your mouth. How often are you going to wear it if the mouthguard bothers you like that?

By calling us today for a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard, you can get one that fits well and feels much more comfortable when worn. Our dentists have the training necessary to take accurate measurements of your mouth so the mouthguard is made specifically for your teeth.

– Custom mouthguards protect your teeth better.

Because stock mouthguards don’t fit right, they can often shift around in your mouth. If that happens, the mouthguard is not doing a good job of protecting your teeth. Would a football player use a helmet that didn’t fit?

Call our Kansas City, MO dental office today and schedule an appointment for a custom athletic mouthguard. You can rely on our dentists’ years of experience and training to get superior protection with a custom mouthguard.

– You can breathe easier with custom mouthguards.

If you plan on getting good exercise, you’re going to be breathing hard. Stock mouthguards can fit so poorly that they make it harder to breathe like that. Since that’s when you need oxygen the most, it can even impact your game.

That’s why getting a customized mouthguard is so important. Because our dentists know how to make yours fit so well, you can breathe easier during the game.

Call us TODAY at 816-399-5539 to schedule your next appointment for a custom mouthguard. Your teeth are too important to trust a mouthguard made for everyone and no one at the same time. Take advantage of our Kansas City dentists’ advanced training to get a mouthguard that fits correctly.

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