Don’t Let Easter Treats Ruin Your Smile

  • April 7, 2017

Don’t Let Easter Treats Ruin Your Smile

Like Thanksgiving, Easter has become a national holiday celebrated by families regardless of their faith. Many get together around the dinner table with family and friends for a big meal. Then there’s all that Easter candy you and your kids will be eating.

All that sugar can really hurt your smile, but it’s much more than sweets and desserts. There are several ways you can ruin your smile around Easter.

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4 Things In Food That Can Damage Teeth

When it comes to your diet and dental health, there are four things in food and drinks around Easter that you have to be careful about.

  • Sugar: Why is sugar so bad for your teeth? Because that’s the favorite food of the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Since you always leave behind tiny amounts of it when you eat and drink, you’re letting those bacteria grow and spread.
  • Carbs: Chemically speaking, carbohydrates are very similar to sugar. Eating carb-heavy foods like bread, potatoes, and corn can encourage those harmful bacteria like sugar does.
  • Alcohol: Many drinks with alcohol in them (including wine)
  • Acids: Although acids in foods and drinks do nothing to those bacteria, it does erode your enamel. Acidic foods like pickles, fruit, and wine can damage your enamel and weaken your teeth.

How To Protect Your Smile Around Easter

Take it easy on drinking alcohol and soda.

It’s fine to enjoy some drinks around the holiday. Just bear in mind that alcohol will dry out your mouth. Saliva is needed to help wash acids and food particles away from your teeth and gums. Speaking of acids, all soda is highly acidic — yes, even diet soda. Again, have the occasional treat but cut down a lot on both drinks to better protect your teeth this Easter.

Avoid candy that’s colorful or sticky.

Easter is known for candy. That’s certainly what your kids will be looking for! As with alcohol, you should enjoy some treats around this holiday. However, not all candy is the same. Some are definitely worse for your smile than others.

Sticky candy is just that — it sticks to your teeth and gums for a while, increasing your risk of gum disease and cavities. Colorful candy (anything bright green, red, and so on) will leave behind tiny stains on your teeth. It won’t suddenly turn your white teeth colorful, but if you enjoy enough colorful candy, you’ll probably need teeth whitening sooner or later.

Put candy away in the freezer.

Many people use the traditional Easter basket for candy and similar treats. These can sit on a table for hours, if not days. That’s a bad idea because it encourages you and your family to keep snacking on candy throughout the day.

To avoid this, let everyone enjoy some candy and then put it all away in the freezer. This keeps the candy for months, but by removing it from everyone’s sight, people will be less likely to keep snacking on those sweets.

Give some toys and games instead of all that candy.

But there’s nothing that says you absolutely have to give huge amounts of candy at this holiday. Some are expected, but a great idea is to cut down on the candy by offering toys and games instead. This way, your kids can still enjoy some sweets, but they can spend time enjoying something that doesn’t hurt their teeth.

Rinse your teeth with plain water.

The problem with eating sugar, carbs, and acids is how they coat your teeth and gums. Food particles end up feeding harmful bacteria behind cavities and gum disease, while acids erode your enamel. You can help control the damage by rinsing your mouth with water every so often. This washes away the acids and food particles building up there, controlling your risk of dental health problems.

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