The Fake News — And Truth — About Root Canals

  • May 16, 2017

The Fake News — And Truth — About Root Canals

You probably have heard about root canals, and what stories you’ve heard were probably not good. But believe it or not, fake news is a problem in dentistry, too. Did you know that root canals are pain-free thanks to some local anesthesia?

Call our Kansas City, MO dental office at 816-399-5539 today to schedule your next appointment. If you have a toothache that won’t go away, you might need a root canal before that tooth gets so bad, it needs to come out. Thankfully, Dr. Stiver is highly trained in root canal procedures.

When Root Canals Are Helpful

Why would you ever need a root canal? It’s done when you have an infection inside your tooth.

Your mouth is home to some harmful bacteria. These are behind gum disease and cavities. If a cavity gets too deep, or if you crack your tooth, those bacteria can slip past the enamel protecting your teeth. When this happens, the bacteria infect your dental pulp.

This is where the nerve endings and blood vessels of your tooth can be found. An infection here starts to hurt really badly, creating a strong toothache. But it also starves your tooth, turning that hard enamel brittle and easier to break. Eventually, that infection can seep into your bloodstream and get carried all over your body.

That’s why you need to call Dr. Stiver today and make an appointment. If you wait too long before getting that painful tooth examined, you could just be making things worse for you.

What Is A Root Canal Anyway?

A root canal procedure is standard, and Dr. Stiver has helped many people over the years with them. Here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll get digital X-rays to spot exactly where the infection is.
  • Our team will thoroughly clean and prepare the tooth.
  • You’ll receive a local anesthetic (and sedation dentistry if necessary) to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure.
  • Dr. Stiver makes a small opening in the tooth.
  • Using specialized training and technology, the infected pulp is gently removed.
  • An inert material is used to fill in any space left behind.
  • You’ll get a dental crown over that tooth to seal the opening and make sure the tooth is strong.

That’s it. Root canal procedures take training and experience, but Dr. Stiver has a lot of both.

Discover The Truth About Root Canal Procedures

Here are some of the fake news items about root canals and the truth about each.

FAKE NEWS: Root canal are very painful.
TRUTH: Root canals can be pain-free.

A long time ago, this restorative dentistry treatment might have been painful. But dentistry has changed a lot since then. Thanks to a local anesthetic and Dr. Stiver’s skill, your root canal will be free of pain. If you are still anxious about it, you can also get dental sedation to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your root canal procedure.

FAKE NEWS: Root canals cause health problems like arthritis.
TRUTH: By removing the infection, root canals make you healthier.

Back in the 1920s, a dentist published a study claiming that root canals created all kinds of health problems, including arthritis. The study was not done well, and it was soon discredited by dentists and medical doctors alike. But you know how stubborn fake news can be.

Rest assured that a root canal procedure will make you healthier, not worse. It removes an infection that can eventually spread to other parts of your body. In fact, not getting a root canal can be the problem.

FAKE NEWS: Root canal make a tooth weak.
TRUTH: The infection already made the tooth weak.

When your dental pulp is infected by bacteria, the blood vessels start to die off. This deprives your tooth of nutrients, leading to the enamel growing weak and brittle. That’s why your tooth gets weak. By removing the infection, a root canal stops your tooth from getting worse. And because a root canal procedure ends with a dental crown going on that tooth, it even makes it stronger than before.

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