Find Out If A TMJ Treatment Could Help Stop Your Jaw Pain

  • November 30, 2017

Find Out If A TMJ Treatment Could Help Stop Your Jaw Pain

If you have frequent jaw pain, don’t grin and bear it assuming that there’s nothing you can do about it. To get relief from jaw-related disorders and the various issues they could be causing you, call Dental Care Center of South Kansas City at 816-399-5539 to book a consultation for a teeth grinding or TMJ treatment.

On top of keeping your smile healthy and looking beautiful at our Kansas City, MO dentist office, we also offer a variety of services that you might not expect a dentist to provide. This is part of our commitment to offer the most comprehensive care options possible. By treating patients of all ages to a spectrum of treatments, we’ll help make your life easier!

We accept an assortment of payment options to help take some of the financial stress out of getting the quality care you deserve.

On top of the normal nine-to-five hours you’d expect from most dentists, we also offer flexible hours so you won’t have to screw up your work schedule. We close just a little early on Fridays, but otherwise we are open for a standard workweek and we also:

  • Stay late until 6:00 p.m. on Mondays
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Get Relief From Teeth Grinding And More With TMJ Treatment

You may be thinking to yourself that everyone grinds their teeth occasionally due to stress. If that’s the case for you, you probably do not need a TMJ treatment.

Occasional teeth grinding is typically not something you need to worry about. But if you grind your teeth involuntarily frequently while you sleep or during the day and can’t figure out why, you are probably putting a lot of stress on your complex jaw joints. By visiting us for a consultation, we can determine if a TMJ treatment could help you:

  • Enjoy your meals again because you’ll be able to chew without discomfort
  • Open your mouth wide so you won’t have to compromise your dietary options
  • Have days that are generally more comfortable and pain-free

If you’re wondering what a TMJ is, the acronym stands for “temporomandibular joint,” which is just the technical term for the highly complex jaw joints on either side of your face.

While dentists and other specialists are making progress, so far, it is unclear what causes TMJ disorder, partially because the issue affects every patient in unique ways.

Teeth grinding can be a symptom of a TMJ disorder or a contributing factor to the problem, for example. If you are experiencing any of the following afflictions, check in with us soon to see if you should book a consultation for a TMJ treatment:

  • A sore, swollen jaw
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
  • Feeling as though your jaws are not fitting together as they are meant to
  • Sounds like clicking, popping, or grating in your jaw when you chew
  • Pain or tenderness in your jaw, neck, and shoulders
  • Feeling like you have a severe ear infection without actually having one
  • Migraine-like headaches, especially in the morning when you first wake up
  • A jaw that gets “stuck” open or closed

On top of the debilitating pain that TMJ-related problems can cause, the disorder(s) can also affect your oral health over time. Teeth grinding, for instance, can weaken and wear down otherwise healthy teeth. In some cases, teeth can become so compromised that they may need to be extracted and replaced with some form of restorative dentistry service.

In order to treat a TMJ disorder, we will provide a custom-made mouthguard or splint that you’ll wear while you sleep and possibly during the day depending on your case. This oral appliance will feel comfortable in your mouth because it will fit you precisely.

Your oral appliance will slightly shift your jaw, preventing you from grinding your teeth and clenching. Not only will this stop you from continuing the bad behavior and exacerbating your situation, it will also allow your inflamed jaw to rest and heal.

We want your appointments at our Kansas City, MO dentist office to be as cozy and relaxing as possible, so we supply various amenities. You may even feel like you’re at a spa thanks to our aromatherapy towels and cozy pillows.

If you suspect that your quality of life could be better with a TMJ treatment, call Dental Care Center of South Kansas City at 816-399-5539 to book a visit with us! You can also schedule using our online form.

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