Living With Untreated TMJ Pain

  • January 10, 2017

Living With Untreated TMJ Pain

If you are feeling some stiffness or pain in your jaw, there’s a good chance this could be the start of temporomandibular disorder. Call us today at 816-399-5539 to schedule an appointment for TMJ treatment. This problem usually doesn’t go away without help of a highly trained dentist like Dr. Stiver.

Here’s what your day could look like if you have untreated TMJ problems.

You Wake Up With TMJ Problems

The alarm goes off at the usual time, but you don’t need it. You’ve been up for hours. The pain in your neck and back woke you a few hours ago, and you didn’t have the strength to get out of bed in the cold and dark. You feel tired, but you have to get to work.

Eating breakfast is a struggle. You want to eat something — you’re starving! But each time you chew, it hurts. So you grab some yogurt and coffee, opening your mouth as little as possible. It still hurts a bit, and now you can feel a migraine coming on. You wince as you swallow some pain relievers.

Traffic on the way to work isn’t too bad, but there’s an accident up ahead. You hate being late, so the stress starts to build in your shoulders and neck. You can feel the muscles tighten as they start to hurt even with the pain relievers.

As you can see, a morning with untreated TMJ pain can be rough. That’s why you need to call us at 816-399-5539 and make an appointment. With our dentists’ skill and expertise, they can help you finally get some relief so your mornings are actually enjoyable.

You Deal With TMJ Problems At Work

The work day begins. You have a lot of stuff that you need to focus on, but it’s hard. The pain is distracting, and you’re starting to hear that ringing in your ears again. You start to worry because you know your performance has been suffering because of your TMJ problems. That stress just makes things worse.

At your lunch break, you choke down some soup and soft bread. It’s somebody’s birthday, and everyone is getting a piece of cake. Not you, though. You decline because just eating lunch caused enough problems. Your irritable and cranky now.

You have to make some phone calls in the afternoon, but your jaw stiffness and pain is making talking more difficult than it should be. You end a conversation rather abruptly, irritable over something that person said. You hope it doesn’t get back to your boss.

Work is rarely a fun thing, but it should be something you dread. By calling our Kansas City, MO dental office today, you can finally get some relief with TMJ treatment. Our dentists have years of experience helping people get relief from the pain and problems associated with TMJ. As you can see, it can even help with your job.

You Spend Your Night With TMJ Pain

Getting home is a nightmare. Your pain relievers wore off almost as soon as you hit the road, and the bottle you keep in the car was empty. Traffic was at a standstill because of a big accident. The tension quickly turned to pain in your neck, jaw, shoulders, and back. That ringing in your ear even made the radio hard to hear.

You make it home, but your kids are amped on on sugar or something. They’re making such a racket that you snap at them to stay quiet. Instantly, you feel guilty and try to apologize. At dinner, you can only manage to eat half your food. You’re still hungry, but the pain is just not worth it.

You try to relax, but the pressure to relax makes it almost impossible to do so. Eventually, you give up and head to bed. You’re exhausted and need a good night of sleep. But you know the pain will wake you up eventually.

Our Kansas City, MO Dental Office Can Help

Unless you want this to be your day, you need to call us TODAY at 816-399-5539 or use our convenient online form for TMJ treatment. Our dentists have the advanced training needed to help create an oral appliance that can help. It’s small, and you wear it over your teeth at night. It can shift your jaw slightly so it can finally rest and heal on its own. Botox is an FDA-approved treatment as well, since it gets targeted muscles to relax. This can relieve pain, stiffness, and even chronic migraines.

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