Six Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

  • December 19, 2016

Six Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you need a replacement as soon as possible. Until you do, your smile will look unusual, you can have a harder time chewing, and more. Call us today at 816-399-5539 and schedule an appointment for restorative dentistry. Thanks to our dentists’ training and skill, you have several options to choose for your replacement teeth.

Why You Might Be Missing Some Teeth

Unfortunately, it’s not too hard to lose a tooth. Some of the ways you might be missing a tooth include:

  • An injury or accident knocked one out.
  • A cavity got so big, that tooth had to come out.
  • Gum disease caused tooth loss.
  • You weren’t born with enough adult teeth.

Regardless of why, you need to call our Kansas City, MO dental office today for an appointment for restorative dentistry. After all, that missing tooth is not going to grow back.

You Need Replacement Teeth Sooner, Not Later

You might be tempted to just deal with the missing tooth, but that’s a bad idea. Here are several ways that empty space in your smile can cause problems for you.

  • Food particles can build up in that space, feeding harmful bacteria.
  • It can be harder to chew and eat some foods.
  • You can look much older with gaps in your smile.
  • Your other teeth can slide out of alignment.
  • Your confidence decreases because you know your smile doesn’t look good.

By calling us today at 816-399-5539, you can schedule an appointment to replace those missing teeth. Those problems can be a thing of the past thanks to our dentists’ advanced training in restorative dentistry.

Dental Restorations That Replace Missing Teeth

Dr. Stiver believes you deserve options for replacing your missing teeth. That’s because every situation is different. What works for one patient might not work for you. Here’s how you can replace your lost teeth.

1. Fixed bridges

A fixed bridge uses several dental crowns to replace your lost tooth. One is used as the replacement tooth. The other two are placed on the teeth on either side of the empty space. The replacement is bonded to the other crowns, keeping it securely in place without oral surgery. Fixed bridges are also a more affordable option.

2. Implant-supported bridges

If you want a fixed bridge but want more stability, you can use a dental implant to secure it in place. Here, a dental implant is placed in your jawbone. This connects to and supports your dental bridge so it stays more secure.

3. Removable dentures.

Bridges are great at replacing a single tooth, but if you need most or all the teeth in an arch replaced, removable dentures are a more affordable but lasting option. You’ll get a set of replacement teeth in a gum-colored base. These are removable, so no surgery is needed. That’s what helps make these more affordable.

4. Implant-secured dentures.

Removable dentures do have a problem on occasion. They can sometimes move around or even fall out unexpectedly. To make sure that’s not a problem for you, you can choose implant-secured dentures. As with implant-supported bridges, our dentists will expertly place several dental implants in your jawbone. Your dentures will connect to these, making sure they stay put.

5. Dental implants

This is as close as you can get to regrowing a lost tooth. Since your natural teeth have roots that extend into the jawbone, this restorative dentistry treatment includes a replacement root. It’s surgically placed your jawbone. Once healed, a natural-looking replacement tooth is placed atop the root.

6. Same-day smiles

With dental implants, you will need to wait a while for the implants to fuse with your jawbone. That means you won’t get your replacement tooth immediately placed. If you want to get it done faster, then a same-day smile procedure can help. Our dentists have the extensive training needed to extract a tooth, place the implant, and connect your replacement tooth — all in one day.

Call our Kansas City, MO dental office today at 816-399-5539 and schedule your next appointment for restorative dentistry. Dr. Stiver has years of experience helping people get complete smiles again. You can soon replace your missing teeth and have the full smile that you deserve.

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