Teeth Contouring And Crown Lengthening Can Reshape Your Teeth

  • November 10, 2017

Teeth Contouring And Crown Lengthening Can Reshape Your Teeth

If you’re worried that there isn’t a cosmetic dentistry option to fix the shape of your teeth, think again! For patients that would like to change the shape of their pearly whites, we offer two treatments called teeth contouring and crown lengthening at Dental Care Center of South Kansas City.

At our Kansas City, MO dentist office, we do our best to provide a dental treatment for every smile concern you may have. We want to be a one-stop shop where you can attain your smile goals!

If you are self-conscious about the shape and size of your teeth, we have you covered. Or perhaps you’re embarrassed by multiple smile flaws. In that case, we can combine cosmetic options to design your own smile makeover! We’ll come up with a schedule and fix one smile concern after another until you have the flawless grin you’ve always wanted.

If you do choose to get a smile makeover, we’ll provide a wax-up model of what your improved smile will look like. You’ll know exactly what you have to look forward to!

Get Teeth Contouring & Crown Lengthening To Improve Teeth

People often talk about color, health, and how straight teeth are to describe how they look, but if you have teeth that have a less-than-ideal shape, you probably can’t help but notice when you look in the mirror. You may even get compliments on how white or straight your teeth are, but even if other people don’t notice the irregular shape or short length of your teeth, you do.

If your teeth have been chipped, appear too long, or are just irregularly shaped naturally, we can provide teeth contouring. Using this approach, we will remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth to give them a more consistent and beautiful shape. Depending on how many teeth you would like this done to, the whole process can usually be completed during a single appointment.

If you are dissatisfied with the balance of pink gums to white teeth in your smile, we can also provide a crown lengthening treatment. We will use a cutting-edge dental laser to gently remove a small amount of gum tissue, which will make your teeth look longer. You won’t have to feel self-conscious any longer about a “gummy smile” or teeth that look small.

We can also combine these services if you have some mixture of the problems mentioned above. We’ll do everything we can to address even the most minor flaws with the shape of your teeth.

Neither of these treatments are painful, but depending on your case and your desires, we may provide an anesthetic to numb your teeth before we get to work. This will ensure your comfort.

Another great perk about teeth contouring and crown lengthening is that they do not require a lengthy healing time. Many patients feel completely normal after a night’s sleep!

We also provide various amenities at our beautiful office so you can sit back and relax while we make your smile more beautiful. Here are just a few of the items we can provide to make your visit more comfortable:

  • Cozy blankets
  • Soft pillows
  • Aromatherapy masks
  • Music to distract you
  • TVs to entertain you while we are working on your teeth
  • Beverages and snacks from our refreshment area

As mentioned above, teeth contouring and crown lengthening are both simple procedures that should not cause you any pain. But for patients that get nervous at the dentist, we can provide dental sedation to relieve dental anxiety.

By request, we can also perform your cosmetic treatments in a private care room or offer an extended appointment so you won’t have to feel rushed. If you have any questions, just let us know and we’ll provide professional answers that you’ll be able to understand.

We will also explain the treatments before we begin so you’ll know just what to expect. We have found this is especially helpful for patients with dental anxiety because it provides context and even a sense of control.

If you would like us to stop what we are doing at any time, just let us know.

To give your teeth the great shape you’ve always wanted them to have, call Dental Care Center of South Kansas City at 816-399-5539 to book a consultation for teeth contouring and crown lengthening. You can also visit our Kansas City, MO dentist office in person or use our handy online form to schedule or ask a team member any questions you may have.

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