Top 5 Ways To Keep Loving Dentures

  • October 7, 2016

Top 5 Ways To Keep Loving Dentures

When you are missing a lot of teeth for any reason, dentures are a great restorative dentistry treatment. You get beautiful, natural-looking replacement teeth set in a gum-colored base. Full and partial dentures are removable, and so these remain a popular option. Here are the top five tips for making sure you will love your dentures for many years to come.

1. Handle your dentures with care.

Your dentures are made to take a lot of punishment — in a specific way. They’re designed to replace your teeth, so they can take the pressure and stress that comes from chewing and grinding food. They’re also made so they can crash into other teeth, natural or replacement, when you bite down. That’s why removable dentures can last 10 years or more.

However, durable is not impervious. If you take out your removable dentures and drop them, your dentures can crack, break, or change their shape. Even just being rough with them while cleaning can hurt your dentures. Handle your dentures with care. You don’t have to be incredibly gentle with them but make sure you treat them with respect and care. This way, your dentures will still do their job and feel comfortable in your mouth for a long time to come.

2. Give your gums time to rest each night.

Typically, your removable dentures include a gum-colored base. This holds all of your replacement teeth and rests on your gums. When you chew, the pressure is transferred to your gums. That’s fine. In fact, that’s what dentures do. However, your gums are not supposed to get all of that pressure. They can handle some, but they do need time to rest like almost every part of your body.

That’s why you should remove your dentures each and every night. If you leave them in, your gums can start to get sore. You might feel it only when you chew, but why feel it at all when you don’t have to? In order to keep loving your dentures, take them out at night while you sleep and give those gums a break.

3. Submerge your dentures in water when not in your mouth.

When you do take out your dentures each night, where are you going to put them? To help make sure you love your dentures, keep them covered in water.

Dentures are specifically made to be in your mouth. As described above, that means your full dentures or partial dentures can take a lot of pressure. Given the environment in your mouth, they’re also designed to stay wet. Saliva is supposed to flow over your natural teeth, so it flows over your dentures as well. If you let your removable dentures dry out, they can change their shape a bit. Even just a small change to that gum-colored base can affect how your dentures fit. They could hurt a little or fall out more easily.

When you take your dentures out each night, be sure to keep them in cold water.

4. Clean your dentures each day.

When you have all of your natural teeth, you have to brush and floss regularly to keep them clean. If you don’t, you can get cavities. Tooth decay is not a problem with dentures since the replacement teeth aren’t natural. However, that does not mean you can ignore your full or partial dentures. If you don’t keep them clean, they can start to give you bad breath. That’s because small bits of food can get stuck on your dentures and build up bacteria.

Your dentures can also get stained. The longer you leave food and drink residue stuck on your dentures, the worse those stains can get. Saliva will help wash away some but not all of that residue.

Use a special denture cleaner or toothpaste each day when you take your removable dentures out. This can help your dentures look and smell as good as when you first got them. Also, make sure you only use cold or warm water. Hot water is normally good for cleaning, but the heat can warp the dentures and make them not fit as well.

5. Secure them with implants.

Removable dentures have many advantages because you can take them out. They’re easy to clean that way, for example. However, there are some drawbacks. As you can see above, the gum-colored base is designed to fit over your gums. Make a few changes to that base, and your dentures might not fit well. They can slide around when you chew or even fall out completely.

At our Kansas City, MO dental office, you can secure your dentures with implants. These titanium roots are surgically placed in your jawbone. With implant-supported dentures, several implants connect to a thin bar that supports the dentures. With implant-retained dentures, two implants use ball-and-socket joints to hold onto the dentures. Both help keep your dentures held comfortably but firmly in your mouth.

Call us today at 816-399-5539 for your next appointment for dentures. Removable dentures do a great job of replacing missing teeth. By following these five tips, you can get the most out of yours.

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