Why LUMIBRITE Beats Drugstore Teeth Whitening Kits

  • December 7, 2016

Why LUMIBRITE Beats Drugstore Teeth Whitening Kits

If you’ve tried those teeth whitening kits at the drugstore, you may be wondering if it’s worth it at all. That’s because teeth whitening without a prescription has several problems. Call us today at 816-399-5539 and schedule an appointment for LUMIBRITE teeth whitening. With our dentists’ training and the professional strength of LUMIBRITE, you can finally get that dazzlingly white smile you wanted all along.

What A Truly White Smile Does For You

Is having a smile full of white teeth really worth it? In a word, yes! Getting your teeth white has many benefits, including:

  • Removing dark stains left behind by coffee, wine, and more.
  • Boosting your self-confidence
  • Looking years younger when you smile
  • Getting more positive attention because you look nice

By calling our Kansas City, MO dental office today, you can be on the road to having those benefits and more thanks to teeth whitening.

The Problems With Drugstore Teeth Whitening

Why doesn’t drugstore teeth whitening kits work as well as what you can get in our dental office?

1. The whitening agent is made weak on purpose.

The FDA limits what you can buy without a prescription. That’s why teeth whitening was normally only available from a dentist. Those drugstore versions can be sold over the counter. Why the exception? Because the whitening agent is diluted and made so weak, the FDA doesn’t care anymore. Of course, that means your results can be less than expected.

2. Your gums can be hurt if you get too much on them.

Dentists are trained in how to use teeth whitening safely. That stuff is made for your enamel, not soft tissues like your gums. If you get too much of that drugstore teeth whitening stuff on your gums, you can irritate or even damage your gum tissue.

3. You can have uneven results if you don’t follow the instructions carefully.

Again, you have to be the dentist when you use drugstore teeth whitening kits. That means you have to quickly “train” yourself by reading the instructions on a side of the box or a small, many-folded piece of paper. If you’re not very careful or you misread one of those instructions, you could have uneven results.

That’s why it’s so important to call us at 816-399-5539 and schedule professional teeth whitening. If you’re looking for a white smile, why try something that could hurt your gums and give you uneven, poor results?

The Solutions With LUMIBRITE Teeth Whitening

At our Kansas City, MO dental office, you can instead get LUMIBRITE teeth whitening. This system has many advantages over drugstore whitening kits.

1. You get professional results and a truly white smile.

The whitening agents in LUMIBRITE are full-strength because it is only available from qualified dentists. LUMIBRITE includes a whitening gel that quickly lifts stains on your enamel. The old saying, “You get what you pay for” is certainly true here. After coming here for teeth whitening, your smile can look bright and beautiful again.

2. Our dentists are highly trained to use LUMIBRITE safely and effectively.

You won’t have to struggle with hard-to-read instructions. Instead, you can rely on our dentist. Dr. Stiver has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening. They know how to use teeth whitening to brighten your smile safely. Instead of damaged gums and uneven results, you can get a healthy-looking, white smile like you wanted in the first place.

3. You get professional-strength LUMIBRITE whether you get it done here or at home.

If you’re looking to get things done fast, you can come to our Kansas City, MO dental office and have in-office whitening. Your smile will look much whiter in just one visit. For more convenience, you can choose our take-home option instead. You’ll still get LUMIBRITE teeth whitening at a professional strength, but you can do it at home instead.

Call us TODAY at 816-399-5539 to schedule your next appointment for teeth whitening. Our dentists have advanced training and years of experience using LUMIBRITE to help brighten your smile. Skip the drugstore kits and go with our professional-strength system. After all, you want your teeth to look truly white.

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