Gum Reshaping / Gummy Smile

If you have a “gummy smile,” contact Dental Care Center of South Kansas City for a gentle gum reshaping treatment! Dr. Gregory A. Stiver and our professional team proudly offer this easy, painless way to uncover a beautiful smile at our Kansas City, MO dental office!

And if your gums are just one of your concerns, we can also combine multiple cosmetic dentistry options to give you a comprehensive smile makeover!

To improve the health of your mouth and assess your situation, you can take advantage of our new patient dental cleaning and dental exam for only $79!

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With the gums, there's kind of an excess area, if you will and usually, I'm going to use millimeters again, but usually that distance is about 2 or 3mm. You have a couple millimeters there if you can remove that gum tissue, and it's called a gingivectomy. Then you can make a tooth look longer and you can also lessen the gumminess of that smile. These are tricky areas in dentistry. The next thing that we do is if we have gone as far as we can go there because you're limited by the amount of gums you have to be able to work with. By the way when we do that we use a laser to adjust those teeth. We just kind of come along and remove that 2mm of tissue there and is sculpting. It's like artwork. The other thing that we can do, is to get rid of that gumminess, is through the use of Restylane or Juvederm. I've been doing this for a quite a few years that I can add to the lower level of the lip and I can actually create it so that when they do smile their lip doesn't lift as high and therefore that doesn't show as much gumminess. You can balance that out real nicely that way. Those are about the two ways you can really deal with gumminess.

Get Your Ideal Gumline

Your teeth may be perfectly straight, white, and healthy, but if you have excess gum tissue that shows when you smile, you may get self-conscious while having your picture taken. If this describes your situation, we can help you regain your confidence!

To improve the appearance of your gumline, we will use a state-of-the-art dental laser to gently remove a small amount of gum tissue to create the desired aesthetic. Thanks to this advanced dental technology, there is virtually no healing time.

Let us uncover that beautiful smile so you can show the world a more self-assured you!

We’ll Keep You Comfortable

If we suspect any chance of pain during a procedure, we will numb your mouth with an anesthetic before we get to work improving your smile. We also provide dental sedation options to put you at ease and relieve your dental anxiety!

For a spa-like experience, we provide a comfort menu for our patients. Here are some of the items you can choose from:

  • Healthy beverages and snacks
  • Pillows and blankets
  • Warm aromatherapy face and hand towels
  • TVs and headphones available in every care room

Dr. Gregory Stiver finished his Doctorate Degree of Dental Surgery in Kansas City School of Dentistry in 1984 and then established Dental Care Center of South Kansas City in 1986. Dr. Gregory Stiver also has advanced education in IV sedation and dental implants, he can provide advanced dental sedation and tooth replacement.

If you’d like to give your smile the perfect balance of pink gums and white teeth, call our Kansas City, MO dental office at 816-399-5539 for a gummy smile treatment! You can also use our online form.