Teeth Whitening

Put the pearl back in your pearly whites with a professional teeth whitening treatment at Dental Care Center of South Kansas City! Dr. Gregory A. Stiver and our caring team will help you go from camera shy to stealing the show at our Kansas City, MO dental office!

If you’d like to become one of our new patients, we’ll provide a dental cleaning and dental exam for just $79!

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We have two types. The first one we do in the office, and that's using a laser, a real intense type of light. We're able to put a material on the teeth. We isolate the teeth and then we're able to put that on. That process takes about, when it's all said and down, the actual part of it is about an hour and half, but when it's all said and down, it's about a two hour procedure in the office. That's wonderful because you go from whatever your shade was when you came in to intensely brighter after that, and that's great. Then what we also do with that particular service, is we provide ... Once you walk out the door though, your stability on that whitening is not great yet, so what we do is fabricate a follow-up with that where we create these trays for a person. For example, you and I could have them in right now and we wouldn't even know it. Then about once a week to once a month, we'll have the patient just continue to wear those trays with the whitening to make sure ... It ensures that the whitening you got at the office stays there. That way you don't have any relapse. That's a great system. That's for the person that's busy, they don't have a lot of time, or they don't want to mess with things. We also have a equal system that is less expensive and we call that our Whitening For Life. What it essentially consists of is we there again, take models of the teeth, take impressions of the teeth, create models, then we fabricate trays. Then we dispense a home system to you that has a strength level that you can't get over the counter, and also has a comfort level that you can't get over the counter. We have the patient wear those trays. It usually takes two to three weeks. I always tell a person that at about two weeks you're almost there, at three weeks, you'll finally see it. That consists of wearing those trays about an hour to an hour and a half for that three week period. Then to stabilize that, what we recommend is after that you whiten about once a month for about an hour and then you'll hold that. Those are great systems. The reason we call it Whitening For Life, is what we do, is once a person enrolls in that program in our office, then ever six months when you come in for your whitening, we give you the materials. That way there's no thought about it, you just can stay consistently there.

Professional Teeth Whitening For A Spectacular Smile

If you’ve ever used store-bought whitening treatment, you’ve probably had disappointing results. In order to be used and sold safely, over-the-counter teeth whitening gels, strips, and trays use a less potent bleaching agent than we provide with our professional treatments.

But at Dental Care Center of South Kansas City, we provide highly effective whitening options that will give you a noticeably brighter smile in no time!

You Get Multiple Teeth Whitening Options

We offer both in-office and at-home whitening procedures from LUMIBRITE. Regardless of which you choose, your smile will sparkle!
Our in-office whitening option is great for patients who want fast results – the whole process only takes about an hour-and-a-half! If you want to look great for an upcoming date or big event, this could be the solution for you.

You can also brighten your smile in the comfort of your own home using our at-home teeth whitening! We’ll provide a custom tray that fits your smile precisely for maximum comfort and efficiency! This option is great for use as a maintenance system in between your in-office whitening procedures. It can also be used on its own.

We will discuss your smile goals to help you decide which whitening treatment will work best for you!

Dr. Gregory Stiver finished his Doctorate Degree of Dental Surgery in Kansas City School of Dentistry in 1984 and then established Dental Care Center of South Kansas City in 1986. Dr. Gregory Stiver also has advanced education in IV sedation and dental implants, he can provide advanced dental sedation and tooth replacement.

Achieve the bright, white smile you deserve with a teeth whitening treatment from Dental Care Center of South Kansas City! Call 816-399-5539, stop by our Kansas City, MO dental office in person, or use our online form to schedule your professional teeth whitening treatment Kansas City, MO!