Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Ensure your kid has a positive association with the dentist for years to come by booking your child’s first dental visit at Dental Care Center of South Kansas City today! Dr. Gregory A. Stiver and our kid-friendly team treat patients of all ages, including children as young as 3 years old, at our Kansas City, MO dental office! We even offer a dental cleaning and exam special for just $79 for new patients!

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My sons come here. My husband doesn't because he is on military. It's just I know that they are going to do the best job possible. They file the insurance. They take care of everything. I know that I don't have anything that I have to worry about, anything I have to do. I just know they're going to be gentle with them. I mean, the kids have all loved to come. How many kids like to go to the dentist? Mine do. It's always been good. When we moved here they were little, and they always enjoyed going to Dr. Stiver. I have referred a lot of different people. Everybody that I've sent them to has been perfectly happy with it.

Treat Your Child To Fun Dental Visits

When you and your child arrive at our Kansas City, MO dental office, you’ll be greeted by smiling faces. We love working with children and will take the time to get to know your little one so they’ll be more comfortable with us.

We have several ways of making your child’s first dental visit enjoyable so they’ll look forward to seeing us again in the future. We can provide a fun tour of our Kansas City, MO dental office, so your kid can see all the cool gadgets we use! We also offer stuffed animals and toys for them to play with.

We also encourage your child to develop good oral health habits in a number of ways, including our Cavity Free Club! If your child is a member of this club, we’ll post their picture on our Facebook page (with your permission, of course!) and provide fun prizes, like glow bracelets and helium balloons!

Discourage Thumb Sucking With Our Professional Help

So your little ones will develop a gorgeous smile, we can provide professional advice to discourage thumb sucking. We can also provide oral appliance therapy for prolonged cases!

We’ll Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy And Beautiful

By bringing your child to see us for regular dental cleanings and dental exams, we’ll:

  • Ensure your child’s teeth are developing correctly
  • Help them prevent future dental issues using preventive treatments like dental sealants
  • Catch signs of decay using advanced technology like our cavity detector
  • Keep their smile healthy and beautiful

Dr. Gregory Stiver finished his Doctorate Degree of Dental Surgery in Kansas City School of Dentistry in 1984 and then established Dental Care Center of South Kansas City in 1986. Dr. Gregory Stiver also has advanced education in IV sedation and dental implants, he can provide advanced dental sedation and tooth replacement.

Make your child’s first dental visit a great one by calling Dental Care Center of South Kansas City at 816-399-5539. You can also use our online form to schedule your child’s first dental visit with Dr. Gregory Stiver  or ask questions.