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Gum Reshaping / Gummy Smile

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With the gums, there's kind of an excess area, if you will and usually, I'm going to use millimeters again, but usually that distance is about 2 or 3mm. With gum reshaping you have a couple millimeters there if you can remove that gum tissue, and it's called a gingivectomy. Then you can make a tooth look longer and you can also lessen the gumminess of that smile. These are tricky areas in dentistry.

The next thing that we do ism if we have gone as far as we can go there because you're limited by the amount of gums you have to be able to work with. By the way when we do that we use a laser to adjust those teeth. We just kind of come along and remove that 2mm of tissue there and is sculpting. It's like artwork.

The other thing that we can do, is to get rid of that gumminess, is through the use of Restylane or Juvederm. I've been doing this for a quite a few years that I can add to the lower level of the lip and I can actually create it, so that when they do smile their lip doesn't lift as high and therefore that doesn't show as much gumminess. You can balance that out real nicely that way.

Those are about the two ways you can really deal with gumminess.

Do you have an overly gummy smile? At Dental Care Center, our South Kansas City dentist office, we offer an easy, painless way to uncover a beautiful smile: laser gum reshaping therapy. Below we have provided some general information on the affliction of a gummy smile and how we can help you. Please feel free to look over this information and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We will be happy to help you.

The Gummy Smile Effect

A gummy smile is when your gums are too far over your teeth. Because of this, you may show too much gum tissue when you smile and not enough of those bright white teeth! This flaw in your smile can make huge impact on the way you feel about yourself. If you don’t like your smile, your confidence will suffer … and unfortunately, the people around you will notice.

Laser Gum Reshaping Therapy

To correct the problem of a gummy smile, we offer a safe, painless, cosmetic dentistry treatment option: laser gum reshaping therapy. This therapy is completed with a soft tissue laser designed to be gentle and replace the need for traditional reshaping with bleeding and stitches. There is virtually no healing time. We simply perform the procedure, and go you home with a great looking smile!

The procedure is simple: We use the our soft tissue laser to essentially sculpt your gumline to create the desired aesthetic. This may mean removing small portions of gum tissue in order to expose more of your teeth.

The Importance Of A Beautiful Smile

How important is a beautiful smile, really? A great-looking, balanced smile can make a huge difference in your overall confidence in life. If you know that your smile looks great, you will be able to tackle new experiences with a confidence that your peers will certainly notice. Our laser gum reshaping therapy can help you achieve that confidence just like it has for many of our other patients. Uncover that beautiful smile and show the world that you feel great about the way you look, and about yourself.

A great smile can also mean good first impressions … and we know how important first impressions are. When you leave a good impression, your chances of success are increased tremendously. A smile that you feel proud to show off can mean the difference between landing that promotion and, well, not. It can make the difference between scoring a second date or not. First impressions are valuable. Invest in your success by choosing our laser gum reshaping therapy.

A Total Smile Overhaul

Think you need more than just gum reshaping therapy? We offer a wide range of cosmetic services that can be used to create dramatic results when combined. Get the complete smile makeover you need. We will be happy to help you do it.

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