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Family Dentistry

At Dental Care Center of South Kansas City, we are dedicated to helping patients of all ages get the high-quality dental care they need! That means that we can treat your entire family right here under one roof! If you are looking for a new family dentist for your family, we would be honored if you chose our Kansas City, MO dentist office.

Children are welcome

In fact, we recommend bringing your child into our office to be seen for the first time at around age 3. This is an important step for your child’s dental health. Early care can be useful for preventing normal childhood problems like cavities and more. You will also help your child avoid dental anxiety later in life. Regular dental care is important for patients of all ages, especially children.

While our dentists are not certified pediatric practitioners, Dr. Stiver is experienced with treating children. We will work hard to help make sure your child is safe and comfortable while in our care!

My child sucks her thumb

If you are concerned about your child’s thumb-sucking habits, we can offer you the help you need. The first step is to bring him or her in to be examined. If necessary, we can craft an oral appliance for your child. Prolonged thumb sucking can cause poor development of the teeth, alignment issues, and other major dental problems. Seek the help your child may need before further treatment is necessary.

My child’s first dental visit

Your child’s first visit to our dental office will be fun and stress-free! We will examine their mouth to the extent that they are comfortable. We have stuffed animals for them to hold and glow bracelets and helium balloons for them to take home. Learn more about this important time in your child’s life by visiting our page on Your Child’s First Dental Visit.

Preventive options for my whole family

Our team offers a variety of preventive dental options that are great for all ages. Learn more about our dental sealants, nutritional counseling, mouthguards, and more by visiting our General Dentistry page.

Keeping my family comfortable

Here at Dental Care Center of South Kansas City, we are dedicated to patient comfort! We offer three different dental sedation options (nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation) in addition to the various comfort amenities we provide. Whether you need a blanket to stay warm or a refreshing beverage, we have you covered.

Nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) is especially useful for nervous children. If you think your child may need some additional help relaxing on their next trip to our office, please talk to our team about how we can help them feel at home!

Make an appointment

Are you ready to schedule an appointment for you and your family? You can call us at 816-399-5539 or use our online contact form to send us a message. We offer extended business hours so that we can help you schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you.

Get the high-quality, comfortable dental care your family needs at Dental Care Center of South Kansas City. We look forward to meeting you!