Dental Crowns And Dental Bridges

Smile with confidence and eat the crunchy or chewy foods you love again – contact Dental Care Center of South Kansas City to learn about our dental crowns and bridges!

At our Kansas City, MO dentist office, Dr. Gregory A. Stiver and our professional team offer many restorative dentistry options to fix your smile! We’ll ensure your comfort and relieve dental anxiety with dental sedation options!

Don’t put off repairing or replacing damaged or missing teeth in your smile. With our help, you’ll feel more self-assured and will be able to chew in comfort!Your overall health could also improve as you’ll be able to eat nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits again!

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Your Dental Crown Options

A dental crown completely caps a damaged tooth for added strength and protection. We also offer partial dental crowns, called inlays and onlays.

Our dental crowns are strong, reliable, and blend right in with your natural smile. There are many situations that a dental crown can treat, including:

  • Cracked teeth
  • Misshapen or worn-down teeth
  • Teeth weakened by infection or extensive dental treatments

We offer two types of dental crowns to fit your needs:

  • Traditional dental crowns to repair teeth
  • Dental crowns attached to dental implants to completely replace a tooth

Regardless of which you choose, your dental crown will be strong and beautiful!

Your Dental Bridge Options

We can also provide dental bridges to fill the gaps in your smile left by one or multiple adjacent missing teeth. We will either attach your dental bridge to your teeth surrounding the gap or secure it to dental implants. Your smile will be as good as new!

Restore damaged or missing teeth with dental crowns and bridges – call Dental Care Center of South Kansas City at 816-399-5539
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